Pablo Picasso-Style Mixed-Media Cubist Portraits for Kids

At Aldrin Elementary School in Schaumburg, Illinois, the art department created a fun project for parents and their children to do at home!

1st and 2nd graders can learn about Pablo Picasso and create their own Cubist-style portraits out of objects around their house for this project!

Picasso is one of the most famous artists in the World. He was born in Spain and created the art movement known as Cubism. The main idea behind Cubism is using simple geometric shapes as well as interlocking planes so as to show a variety of viewpoints at once.

With this in mind, parents and their children can create their own portraits with a Cubist focus that are also mixed-media by simply gathering household objects and placing them down together on a plate, placemat, table, etc.

How to Create Mixed-Media Cubist Portraits Inspired by Picasso

The main idea of this activity is to be creative. Have your children think about how they want to make a portrait of themselves, you, or someone else. Encourage them to think about what kind of objects might work well for such a portrait (like a banana for a smile, or a toy figure to represent a nose). After thinking about what they want to use for their portrait, children can gather everything and begin laying it out to make their portrait. Once done, take a picture and then you can make some more portraits out of other objects too!

Aldrin Elementary School FINE ARTS
Schaumburg, IL, United States

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