Paint Dabber Pumpkins

Paint Dabber Pumpkins

Paint Dabber Pumpkins

At Puspa's Home Daycare, they had great fun doing paint dabber pumpkins.

Colorful pumpkins

Pumpkins are generally orange, but the students made them colorful just to have fun. They loved talking about how October is a wonderful month full of pumpkins and how they were looking forward to Halloween at the end of the month. The kiddos discussed their plans for Halloween too and if they would be doing anything like pumpkin carving to celebrate the holiday!

Hand-Eye Coordination

The dabbing helped to promote hand-eye coordination. The little ones made so many pumpkins! They talked about how pumpkins are in fact a fruit even though people sometimes mistakenly think they are vegetables.

Source for photos: Puspa's Home Daycare

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Paint Dabber Pumpkins
October 7, 2021
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