Plastic Wrap Painting

Plastic Wrap Painting

Plastic Wrap Painting

We did this craft by taking a table and flipping it upside-down.

Then, we wrapped plastic wrap all around it and had students utilize paint and their own paintbrushes to enjoy painting upon the plastic wrap with whatever creative ideas us had!

It was a very fun activity and you could do it with your class too!


What You Need for Plastic Wrap Painting

  • A lightweight table that is easy to flip upside-down.
  • Lots of plastic wrap
  • Paintbrushes for each student
  • An assortment of paint colors (Tempera paint is great for classrooms)

How to Do Plastic Wrap Painting

Turn your table upside-down.

Begin wrapping the plastic wrap all the way around all four legs of the table on the outside. Make a number of layers so it is sturdy.Have students being painting the plastic wrap to make beautiful translucent images

Plastic Wrap Painting
November 27, 2019
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