Painting a Butterfly Over Zoom

Painting a Butterfly Over Zoom

Painting a Butterfly Over Zoom

At the Goddard School North Brunswick, they wanted to have a painting instructor show the children how to paint a butterfly, but it wasn't safe to have anyone come into the school besides teachers and students. A solution was found, however--have the instructor show everyone how to paint a butterfly over Zoom!

Materials needed to paint a butterfly

To paint your own butterfly (in-person or over Zoom) you will need the following:



*Paint--acrylic or tempera works well


*A tablet or computer with Zoom if your instructor is not there in person

How to paint your butterfly

To paint your butterfly follow these steps:

1. First, have a teacher use the pencil to sketch-out the butterfly's shape that will be painted.

2. Now, follow the instructor over Zoom or in-person as they show how to fill in each part of the sketched-out butterfly with paint and make a beautiful one.

3. Wait for the paint to dry and show everyone your amazing butterfly!

Source for Photos: The Goddard School North Brunswick

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Painting a Butterfly Over Zoom
September 1, 2020
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