Painting a Classroom Mural

Painting a Classroom Mural

Painting a Classroom Mural

At Young Inventors Montessori, they had a fantastic time as the whole class painted a mural outside. It was a great way to develop teamwork skills as everyone had to discuss what they agreed should be painted, then planned it out, made the outline outside, and proceeded to collaborate to paint their mural!

Mural creation fun!

The kiddos had so much fun making the murals! They worked together like experts and it was a beautiful result when the mural was finished. It looked like a flower with a heart inside and had the text, "Love grows here," to signify how the school was full of love and learning as the kiddos grow! The class said they loved making the mural and hope to make another one in the future!

Source for photos: Young Inventors Montessori

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Painting a Classroom Mural
April 25, 2021
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