Painting on, "Ice," For Preschoolers!

.Natalie Martinez
Painting on, "Ice," For Preschoolers!

Painting on, "Ice," For Preschoolers!

In real-life ice is very slick and a fun texture. This activity from Pocket of Preschool uses clear wrap (like saran wrap) to make pretend ice that children can then enjoy painting upon, making snow and ice-themed images! It is simple to do at home as well.

Materials Needed to Paint on, "Ice."

  • To do this painting activity you will need:
  • Clear wrap like saran wrap
  • A large piece of construction paper or cardboard to wrap the saran wrap around
  • White and blue paint (Acrylic and Tempera work well)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Dish soap (optional)

How to Paint on, "Ice."

To do the painting on, "Ice," activity follow these steps:

  1. After gathering your materials put the clear wrap on your paper/cardboard, make sure it is wrapped tight.
  2. Use your paint brushes to spread the blue and white paint on your, "Ice." Notice how it is slick!
  3. Once you are done painting, you can add some drops of dish soap to make sure the paint sticks when it dries.
  4. Display your painting for all to enjoy!

Source for Photos: Pocket of Preschool

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Painting on, "Ice," For Preschoolers!
June 1, 2020
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