Painting Portraits of Classmates

Painting Portraits of Classmates

Painting Portraits of Classmates

At Paideia Preparatory Academy, they had lots of fun painting portraits of their friends. Everyone was given an easel, paints, a paintbrush, and worked with a friend to paint each other.

Painting and posing!

All the students were eager to create portraits of their classmates. They were told how when they were the ones being painted it was very important to sit still so their painting partner could do a good job as they tried to capture their, "Essence," so to speak. Then, the students who were painting the portraits of their friends worked hard to examine their classmates and do the best job they could as they painted them. It was a great art exercise and everyone had fun!

Source for photos: Paideia Preparatory Academy and this post.

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Painting Portraits of Classmates
October 12, 2021
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