Painting With a Pendulum at Preschool

Painting With a Pendulum at Preschool

Painting With a Pendulum at Preschool

They learned all about pendulum painting at CurioCity Childcare! The kids were very interested in seeing how the pendulum could swing around, knock things over, and with the proper preparation, do some painting! The kids loved experimenting with speed, force, gravity, and studying the direction of the pendulum. It taught them a lot of STEM concepts.

How the pendulum works

A pendulum is an object hung from a fixed point that swings back and forth under the impact of gravity. When a pendulum is released, it will move freely back and forth due to the force of gravity on it. The pendulum continues moving back and forth without any extra outside help until friction (between the air and the pendulum slows it down and eventually stops it. The time it takes a pendulum to swing back to its original position is called the period of the pendulum.

Using a pendulum to paint

By using the science of a pendulum and having a small container that slowly leaks paint you can do pendulum painting. It creates all kinds of neat imagery as the pendulum swings around! The kids at CurioCity Childcare loved seeing how the pendulum created cool art!

Source for photos: CurioCity Childcare

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Painting With a Pendulum at Preschool
February 7, 2021
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