Painting with Dandelions for Springtime Fun

At Wesley Nursery School Oakhurst in Oakhurst, New Jersey they did a fun Spring activity by painting with dandelions!

How to Paint With Dandelions

To paint with dandelions you will need:

  • Dandelions picked from outside.
  • A piece of paper to paint upon
  • Paint (acrylic or tempera paint works best)
  • Containers to hold the paint

Once you’ve gathered everything, lay-out the paper and fill the containers with paint. Then, take your dandelions and dip them in paint before spreading the paint on the paper as if the dandelions were a paintbrush of sorts. Once you’re done wait for the paint to dry and show-off your work!

Source for Photos: Wesley Nursery School Oakhurst

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Author: .Amelia White

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