Painting With Pine Cones for Preschool Students

Painting with pine cones! It is a very easy activity to do at home too!

Materials Needed for Painting With Pine Cones

To paint with pine cones you just need a small number of items. You need to have:

  • Pine cones found in nature or bought at a craft store
  • Paper or a canvas to paint upon
  • Paint (tempera and acrylic paint work well)

How to Paint With Pine Cones

Once you have all your materials and are going to paint with the pine cones you simply need to do the following:

  1. Lay-out all your materials.
  2. Take a pine cone and cover a part of it in some paint.
  3. Push the pine cone gently on your paper/canvas. You can daub it or carefully use it as a brush.
  4. Repeat with multiple pine cones and colors to make your painting!
  5. Wait for your paint to dry and display your masterpiece!

Photo Source: A Special Day

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Author: .Chloe Thompson

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