Paper Bag Fall Sculptures

Paper Bag Fall Sculptures

Paper Bag Fall Sculptures

In Mrs. Mullane's Art Room the children had a lovely time making Fall-themed sculptures out of paper bags along with pieces of construction paper!

Materials needed for the Fall sculpture

To make your own Fall sculpture you will need the following:

*Paper bag



*Construction paper

*Crayons (optional)

How to make your Fall sculpture

Follow these steps to make your Fall sculpture:

1. Take your paper bag stand it up.

2. Cut strips into the paper bag down to the base.

3. Start gently twisting these strips so they look like tree branches.

4. As you twist all the strips it'll look like a big tree.

5. Cut-up pieces of construction paper and glue them near the base of your tree or on your tree, these are fall leaves.

6. Use crayons if you want to color your tree with additional Fall colors--brown, red, orange, and yellow, or give it some green or black, whatever you like!

7. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your beautiful Fall sculpture!

Source for photos: Mrs. Mullane's Art Room

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Paper Bag Fall Sculptures
September 18, 2020
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