Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids

Real-life scarecrows can be very big and heavy, but this craft for kids involves making one out of a lightweight and small paper bag–such as the kind used for lunch! 

At the Friendly Faces Group Family Daycare found in the Bronx of New York they had a fantastic time making paper bag scarecrows out of lunch bags, construction paper, and crowns! Read on to leanr how your class can make them too!

Supplies You Need

Paper Lunch BagsYellow construction paper (this will be the scarecrow’s hair)Brown construction paper (this will be the scarecrow’s hat)Other colors of construction paper to use for his nose and eyes that can be any colors or you can use buttons for the eyes if you trust the children not to try and swallow themScissors to cut-up the construction paperGlue and/or tape to put the scarecrow togetherCrayons to color the scarecrows smile

How to Make a Paper Bag Scarecrow

First have students cut-up the yellow construction paper into strips, then have them glue the strips on the paper bag wit pieces poking-out off the bag.

Next, have students cut-up the brown construction paper to make a hat and then glue it on the bag over the yellow strips so that some poke-out but the ones on the bag itself are covered by the hat.

Now have students cut little circles for eyes out of any paper they would like and a triangle for a nose out of any color paper they want.

Then, have them glue the eyes and nose on the paper bag (note: if you use buttons for the eyes children just need to cut-out a nose).

Have students color a big smile on their paper bag scarecrow and they are all done!

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