Paper Cakes For Cafe Role-Playing Pack

Paper Cakes For Cafe Role-Playing Pack

This role-playing pack features three sheets in total of paper printables with cakes you'd find in the cafe! There are cupcakes, pieces of pie, and big rectangular slices of cake as well.

They can be printed out and then cut-out and folded to stand up on the table and look just like delicious pieces of cake you can eat while learning-via-play doing cafe role-playing!

Role-playing is a fantastic way to develop young brains so these paper cakes are fantastic tools. These can easily be paired with other fun items like coffee cups or different assorted cafe role-playing things for even more fun.

Paper Cakes Printables

How to Download the Paper Cakes Printables

The package with all of the paper cakes files can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here to learn more about how to download it at no cost to you!

You can also pay for a cafe role-play package titled, "Pasty Shop," by visiting this link and buying it!

Pasty Shop

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Paper Cakes For Cafe Role-Playing Pack
April 29, 2020
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