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Paper circle tracing activite-stickers

jamie puckett
Paper circle tracing activite-stickers

Circle activity for toddlers

I had seven children in my group. I drew four circles with a marker, on a white piece of paper. Because I had seven children I had to make 28 different circles. It does not matter how the circle looks. It only matter that the children know tat it is a circle. If that is not enough for you then you can find different objects that you can trace. I gave each of the children a bedazzle sticker sheet. You can use any kind of stickers you want to use. If that sticker sheet you are using has a “Background” I would take that off. The “Background” makes it hard for the children to take off the stickers. I got my bedazzle sticker sheet from the dollar store. I had each student pick a circle that they wanted to start with. I told the children that they needed to finish one circle before moving on to another circle. All the children love using stickers. If they could they would use all the stickers I had in the building.

Paper circle tracing activite-stickers
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Paper circle tracing activite-stickers
August 25, 2022
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