Paper Plate Activity - Art & Craft

Paper Plate Activity - Art & Craft

Paper Plate Activity - Art & Craft

Today, I posted my activity with my student when she had a private course with me. I helped my student to make a sub marine, a crab, and a pig from paper plate. Materials that we need for this activity are paper plate, double tape or glue, scissor, and the examples. We use a double tape because it is easy to use it than a glue. Kids like play a glue and pour glue into many things. We can buy the examples through online store, like we can search it on Shopee or Tokopedia by Animal Paper Plate. We did it together, I asked my student to help me to give double tape and we put it together it the correct place after we put double tape on it. This activity can help kids to improve their motoric skill and help them can focus and looked follow the examples. They will improve their activity too by add their ideas to make that paper plate almost like an animal just like in a real.

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Paper Plate Activity - Art & Craft
March 2, 2022
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