Paper Plate Fall Leaf Wreaths Activities

Valley Parent Preschool in Danville, California did this fun activity to prepare for their Thanksgiving Break! After the previous day where they did a craft with decorative corn, they did this simple and fun art activity with fall leaves!

With rain coming the next day they took advantage of how it was still dry out to do a leaf hunt! The collected as many colors, sizes, and shapes as they could and also grabbed some acorns and tiny pine cones as well.

Then they were glued onto a paper plate (pieces of cardboard work well too) with the center cut-out so that it looked like a wreath! Then yarn was attached so that it could be easily hung-up and displayed. The students were then encouraged to take their wreaths home and hang them up to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family and friends.

It was a great activity that got everyone in the Thanksgiving mood!

Valley Parent Preschool
Danville, California 94526

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