Paper Plate Jellyfish Easy Preschool Craft

Paper Plate Jellyfish
Harmony Preschool, Colorado

Paper Plate Jellyfish Is the perfect craft for a preschool ocean theme or if you’re focusing on sea animals at daycare or home.

While studying the ocean, we learned about Jellyfish. Did you know that you can see through some jellyfish? And that not all jellyfish will sting you? We loved making jellyfish!,” said Amy Hanson, Teacher at Harmony Preschool.

Paper Plate Jellyfish is super easy craft idea for kids.
Everyone has left over paper plates so why not use them and have your kids create something fun.

Paper Plate Jellyfish
Harmony Preschool, Colorado

Supplies for paper plate crafts:

• Paper plate
• Paint or markers
• Crepe or tissue paper
• Glue
• Scissors

How to Make a Paper Plate Jellyfish:

Start by painting half of a paper plate.
When the paint on your jellyfish has dry, have your child tape lengths of paper ribbon to the bottom of the plate.
And the last step was to give our jellyfish a face. A couple of googly eyes and a pencil-drawn did the trick.

To hang your jellyfish, make a small hole towards the top of the jellyfish’s head. You could hang dozens of these little guys from the ceiling or against a bulletin board covered in ocean-blue paper.It’s fun, unique and simple enough for toddlers to make.
Thanks for stopping by and watching how to make a paper plate jellyfish.

Isn’t They adorable?

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