Paper Plate Ring Toss Game for Preschoolers

At Majestic Harbor Children’s Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts the preschool students had their very own, “Olympic Week.” They kicked the week off with a paper plate ring toss game which was easy to assemble and play!

How the Paper Plate Ring Toss Game Is Assembled

You just need some paper plates, scissors, a paper towel tube, some tape, and crayons or paint if you want to colorize the paper plates. You need to cut holes in all the paper plates except one so that they look like big rings. The paper plate you don’t cut just needs a small hole you then insert the paper towel tube in and tape to the plate so that it stands straight-up. Once you have that part prepared you then give each student a paper plate ring to throw and the game begins!

How to Play the Paper Plate Ring Toss Game

Have each student throw their paper plate ring at the tube/pole. The goal is to have the ring go around the tube. Anyone who does that wins! The kids who miss can keep having a turn until everyone wins and then the game is done.

Majestic Harbor Children’s Center
Gloucester, MA, United States

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Author: /Mia Brown

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