Paper plate umbrellas

Gayle Brede
Paper plate umbrellas

This is a fun craft that I like to do using dobbers. For materials you will need white paper plates that are not wax or coated, dobber, tape and pipe cleaners in fun colors. Cut the paper plate in half and let the kids decorate it or make a design with the dobbers. This is great for kids who aren’t that great at fine motor and can explore many different ways of using the dobber. I do try to have them not color with it though as it can ruin the tip of the dobber. It is best to pick bright colors for this craft as the dark colors can overwhelm the other colors as they do bleed together sometimes. I find that kids like the glitter ones the best! This can be used in a weather theme or in a spring theme like I did. After drying, tape a pipe cleaner to the back in a fun color and curl it up into a handle! I let the children choose the color of the pipe cleaner as it adds more personality to the craft. Simple, but fun craft!

Paper plate umbrellas
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Paper plate umbrellas
March 29, 2022
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