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Parts of Pumpkins craft idea

Parts of Pumpkins craft idea

Parts of a pumpkin crafts:


Construction paper for shell, stem, and inside

Pipe cleaner for vine

Buttons and pompous for seeds

Yarn or pieces of paper for fibrous stands

Glue to assemble. Hot glue if needed.

Assembled by gluing shell of pumpkin to the background construction paper of kids, color choice layer on the next part of the pumpkin, which is the inside typically used in yellow construction paper. Next add stem to top has green or brown construction paper, then have the kids glue on the fibrous strands. Next, they will attach the seeds to the fiber strands and lastly, they will connect the vine pipe cleaner. You can twist the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it spiral or have them make a unique shape design for the vine as they desire.

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Parts of Pumpkins craft idea
October 18, 2023
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