Pencil Bookworms

tess riley
Pencil Bookworms

At our library storytime, we made pencil bookworms to celebrate back-to-school!

Each child received a pencil, pipe cleaner, pompom, and 2 googly eyes.

To make your bookworm, wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil, glue on a pompom head and eyes! (Note: if the pipe cleaners are long, snip them in half ahead of time.)

We read books about starting school (Miss Bindergarten, I'm Your Bus, Clark the Shark, etc.) and we sang our ABC's and The Wheels on the Bus.

This is also a great take-home craft if you don't have the time or space to assemble it at your event. Just put a set of all of parts into a ziplock back. You will also want to include instructions, as well as a photo of a completed bookworm.

As a fun snack to go along with this craft, kids love "worms & dirt"! Simply combine crushed oreos with chocolate pudding to make "dirt". Fill a plastic cup halfway with this mixture. Then, add several gummie "bookworms" in the top of the dirt! Yum!

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Pencil Bookworms
September 9, 2021
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