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Penguin Number Matching Printable

Penguin Number Matching Printable

Penguin Number Matching Printable

These free printables are a wonderful way to work on developing counting and matching skills regarding numbers. Count the number of dots on the cube, number of fingers and match to numeral on the penguin's tummy.

Make it into a game or a race!

Polar animals worksheets

Penguin Number Matching Printable

Includes numbers 1-6.

You can use this resource in your preschool math centers, math homework, extra practice, student progress evaluations, penguin mini math lesson, preschool, or homeschool.

How to Download the Printables

The files can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here to learn more about how to download it at no cost to you!

Also, you can purchase Printables at this website

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Penguin Number Matching Printable
December 24, 2022
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