Pepperoni Pizza Counting Game

At Early Years Preschool- Hillsboro, TN they had fun doing a counting game with paper pepperoni pizza!

How to create the paper pepperoni pizza

To do this activity you will need two paper plates, one you decorate and one you write numbers on. You will need markers too. Once you have these materials follow these steps:

  1. Take your plate you will be decorating and draw a cheese pizza with eight slices on it.
  2. Put a differing number of pepperoni on each slice, from one to eight.
  3. Cut the pizza into its eight pieces.
  4. Take your plate you are drawing numbers on and make eight triangles with the numbers 1 through 8 on it.
  5. Get ready to play the game!

How to play with your paper pepperoni pizza

To play with this pizza you match the slice with the correct amount of pepperoni onto the plate until the plate is fully covered by the pizza!

Source for photos: Early Years Preschool- Hillsboro,TN

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Author: .Chloe Thompson

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