Phonics spelling class - CVC words

Oana Zigman
Phonics spelling class - CVC words

My kiddos are deep in their study of phonics. On this occasion, we used the Progressive Phonics system.

We focused on the short "e" sound and CVC words that contained the sound.

We also reviewed the short "a" sound with CVC words and worked on listening skills by identifying which words belong to which category and sorting them accordingly.

We started the lesson by reviewing the sounds of all the letters that we would come across in the short funny story provided for the reading part and then proceeded to sound out each letter, blend them together, and say the words. We also worked on a few sight words.

The class ended with a few worksheets where they focused on tracing letters and words, circling the correct letter, reading the words, and matching them to the correct image.

For a bit of extra fun, we even had a worksheet in which we compared two pictures and looked for the differences.

Phonics spelling class - CVC words
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Phonics spelling class - CVC words
October 21, 2020
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