Picasso's Expression

Picasso's Expression

Firs we'll introduce the Weeping Woman by Picasso and talk about her feelings. After a while the art piece was exposed we asked the children to draw their own expression on a empty face.

The interesteting thing about this activities is how children may react to an art that is not so obvious and not so clear as Picasso has a different way of expression.

Children may not understand on the first time they see the picture, but on the second day I have kids who said good morning to Picasso and it's art first thing in the morning.

This activity was made on the Unit About Me, but we could made also in a calming strategie to understand feelings of itself or others.

It's an opening for working with art and also working with emotions.

Kids can also add personal things to their picture like hair and draw something that leads them to that specific feelling.

Picasso's Expression
February 22, 2021
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