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Pizza Sequencing Activity w/ Felt Pizzas

Pizza Sequencing Activity w/ Felt Pizzas

In my preschool class for P week, we did a sequencing activity on how to properly assemble a pizza and discussed why the sequence is important.

I had many 9” pizza pans that the kids got to take home to make real pizza with their parents, but the felt pizza fit perfectly in the pan for the activity. I have 14 students, so getting half a yard of tan crust color, red sauce color, and of white cheese color. For basil (green, pepperonis (burgundy, and mushrooms (speckled light brown, I got a quarter yard of each, which was plenty with some to spare for next year.

I cut out some of the pieces by hand and some on my Cricut machine. The pieces included - crust, sauce, cheese, basil leaves, pepperoni, and mushrooms. They loved it and I have been told by many parents that they’ve been served lots of pretend pizza at home. Some of my female students have added it to their personal pretend kitchen sets at home. It turned out so cute and something they will play with for many months or maybe years to come.

Pizza Sequencing Activity w/ Felt Pizzas
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Pizza Sequencing Activity w/ Felt Pizzas
September 20, 2022
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