Play dough art with nature materials

Alice barbero
Play dough art with nature materials

The open ended activities are a great opportunity to develop language skills it’s relaxing and will allow children to develop creativity and imagination, it will also help to develop small muscles.

We will provide children with nature material that we picked up together in an outdoors walk to create their master piece.

Play dough recipe:

2 1/2 cups of flour

1/2 cup salt

3 teaspoons kitchen oil

2 teaspoons of cream tartar

2 tablespoons of kool aid

1 1/2 boiled water

Optional food coloring

Media: homemade play dough, cookie cutters, sticks, plastic scissors, wooden cutter, pebbles, rocks.

Play dough art with nature materials

Objective: provide children with an open ended activity to enjoy and the opportunity to enhance small muscles and creativity.


Play dough activities help children to gain strength and improve dexterity in their hands and fingers, critical areas of physical development for writing, drawing, and other purposes.

When playing with play dough, children are beginning to use symbolic thinking, or pretending the play dough is something else. This is an important skill for cognitive flexibility, and a way in which children express their ideas.

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Play dough art with nature materials
September 12, 2021
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