Fizzy numbers egg

Jeongeun Ra
Fizzy numbers egg

Before playing with the child, the mother needed some preliminary work.

Due to Corona, the more items you can play with your children at home, the better.

1) Mix baking soda and water

2) Put the number blocks in the thickened dough and make a round shape.

3) Freeze the egg-shaped baking soda dough in the freezer.

It freezes quickly and doesn't require much preparation.

Fizzy numbers egg

Now, it's time to enjoy the Fizzy numbers egg game!

(I thought the room was going to get messy, so I decided to play in the bathroom.)

My 32 month old baby fell in love with painting with the dropper.

A baby who concentrates on discovering numbers and enjoys them

It is recommended as a game to have fun with children.

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Fizzy numbers egg
August 18, 2021
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