Playing in the spider's web

Ana Rosa Hage
Playing in the spider's web

My name is Ana Rosa Hage. I am teacher of early childhood education at a public school in the city of Salvador, state of Bahia- Brazil. Teaching for pre-k and kindergarten.

Our schools short resources, that's why we have to improve the recycled materials or reuse materials for our children to develop entirely.

An activity i do frequently because children like it a lot and develop broad motor coordination and dynamic balance is the spider's web.

First i love to tell a double spider story as the book of “Ciranda da Diversidade - Tecendo o Amor” (Weaving the Love). In this book the spider gets pregnancy and weaves small shoes for their children and when they grow up it's time to take them to school because the spider mommy needs to work. The book continues to talk about how the spiders adapted to school.

In this piece i tie a cable or wool on the chairs in the room formed a "spider's web" and i say that spider puppies have to go through the web to go to school.

Playing in the spider's web

I hope you have enjoyed my contribution. Hugs, Ana Hage

Ps: sorry if errors occur, i speak very little english and i had sometimes to use the google translator.

Playing in the spider's web
June 8, 2021
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