Pompom Craft – Bird

Pompom Craft - Bird

Using poms poms for crafts is fun. Ideal to make it as a keychain for gifts.

Easy craft: How to make a pom pom bird using only few cheap materials that easily purchase online?

You wil need two different color pom poms, plastic leaves, bells, felt paper, googly eyes, keychain ring, scissors and glue.

Steps as follows:

1)Join two color pom poms together with glue or stitches.

2)Glue the googly eyes on each side of the birdie head

3)Glue the plastic leaves at the wings side and back of the bird.

4) Put a small wire across the top of bird and hang the keychain ring. You may place a bell as shown above.

If you are not going to make it a keychain, you may put it as a decoration as well. Enjoy!

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