Pompom Motorskills

Pompom Motorskills

Materials used: spoons, kitchen tissue roll, pompoms, and pincher. First, you need to cut all your spoons handle and leave around 1.5 cm or enough length that you can slit it in the tissue roll. Next, make some slits around your tissue roll where you will place your spoons. Make sure the slits are just enough length for your spoon, If the slits are too big then your spoon will wobble. It has to be small slit so the spoon will tightly fit on it. Stand it using a tissue holder or I used a playdough to support the tissue roll. My daughter started by first pinching some pompoms using her pincher. Then she put the pompom one by one in the spoon, to practice her motor skills. Another way of playing it is by color recognition. We also played it using dice where the dice tells her what color of pompom she has to put in the spoon for color recognition. She had fun doing this activity.

Pompom Motorskills
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Pompom Motorskills
April 16, 2021
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