pop rocks science

Christina Agnew
pop rocks science

i had fun exploring pop rocks with my students they smelled touched tasted and listened to the pop rocks what a fun simple science project

i got as many pop rocks for the class that i needed in my case that was 11 students so i got 11 bags of pop rocks. i had them put the pop rocks in a bag. each student had to follow a sheet looking at them, smelling them, touching them, tasting them and listening to them. this is a fun easy set up project for preschool classrooms.

i have also done the heart science lesson where you cut a balloon put it over a plastic mason jar snip holes for straws and then have the students take turns pushing up and down on the balloon of course before you put balloon on you want to fill it with water and red food die for the blood. it will make a mess so have a tray and paper towels on hand great for showing function of the heart though!

another simple science project that i do is with the foam packing pieces that come in shipping boxes. we color on them to make them look like ghosts and watch them dissolve or disappear in the water! this is a great halloween project sensory and science.

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pop rocks science
September 19, 2021
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