Popcorn-Themed Paper Craft

.Emily Davis
Popcorn-Themed Paper Craft

At The Anne Jones Memorial Preschool of First Baptist Church in Calhoun, Georgia, they made a popcorn-themed paper craft that looked realistically delicious!

It was in Ms. Jessica and Ms. Karon’s classes where they were during a Circus theme. One thing people love to eat at a circus is popcorn, so with that in mind, they created this clever paper craft!

How The, "Popcorn," Was Made

To create this paper craft the students started with a large piece of construction paper. They glued on a pretend bag that said, "Popcorn," much like the kind found at the circus. After they did that they spread a bunch of glue above the bag on the construction paper. Next, they grabbed yellow-colored crepe paper/tissue paper of various hues and crumpled it up to look like popcorn. They stuck these pieces of, "Popcorn," on the glue above the popcorn bag and then were done with creating their popcorn-themed paper craft! It looked tasty, but they couldn't eat it, of course!

Popcorn Paper Craft

The Anne Jones Memorial Preschool of First Baptist Church
Calhoun, GA, United States

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Popcorn-Themed Paper Craft
January 31, 2020
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