Postcard Platform

Postcard Platform

This is my students postcard when learning from home and she tried to write about her experience in Orlando, America. She thought of writing about her favorite experience and her tour around America.

In the postcard, she wrote the greetings, signature, recipients address, what she did in the past and in the future. She also additionally added the present.

She wrote this for the greeting:

Dear Nessa,

How are you? Right now, I'm in America!

She wrote this for the past:

Yesterday, I went to Animal Kingdom Orlando and thanks to my luck I got picked to be a part in the show. I shook a can, which had sand in it so we could make simple music, even though it may sound boring maybe I wouldn't be picked next time I go there so I enjoyed the rest of my day.  

She wrote this for the future:

Tomorrow, I've planned to  go to Hawaii! I really hope that it's as fun as Orlando. I've heard there are lots of beautiful beaches there and I love to make to make sandcastles! 

She wrote this for the present:

Right now, I'm in Magic Kingdom Orlando. I had spare time to write to you even if it may sound like a waste of time in here but I'm waiting for the Disney Paint the Night Electrical Parade. It may take 30-60 minutes to wait for the parade itself, but I didn't mind. People would come there and stare at their phones or look at other people while waiting at least a little bit more than an hour just to be in front. 

And she even put a red stamp even tough I gave the template of a yellow stamp. I guess she searched for it herself.

Postcard Platform
December 7, 2020
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