Practicing Building Fires

Practicing Building Fires

Practicing Building Fires

At Nature School of Baltimore, the children had a fantastic time learning about how fire was made in the past and then practicing building fires on their own! They did not actually start a fire (that would be unsafe) but gathered sticks, leaves, twigs, and more to pretend with. Everyone had such a great time imagining making fires!

Fake fire, real fun!

The children enjoyed exploring nature as they walked around gathering-up wood and leaves. Once everything was picked-up and placed into a pile with things stacked on each other the children discussed how in olden times people would have used rocks and other tools to cause a spark and start a fire! Knowing how to make a fire is a great camping and survival tool so the kids were pleased to know more about it!

Source for photos:

Nature School of Baltimore

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Practicing Building Fires
October 23, 2020
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