Practicing Milking a Cow

Practicing Milking a Cow

Practicing Milking a Cow

At Pacesetter Academy, they did a fun activity where they practiced milking a cow! To do this activity they took a big vinyl glove, filled it with milk, and then had the kids practice, "Milking," it just like a cow's udders. You can do this with your class too!

Materials needed for this activity

To do your own cow milking activity you will need the following:

*A vinyl glove

*Milk, water, or some kind of thin liquid

*A small pointed pin

*Some string to tie to the glove

How to do this activity

To do the cow milking activity follow these steps:

1. Take your vinyl glove and fill it with your milk/water/liquid.

2. Tie the open end of the glove up tight!

3. Attach some string to the glove's part you tied up and hang it from somewhere.

4. Carefully poke a tiny hole with your pointed pin in each of the fingertips on the glove.

5. Start gently squeezing the fingertips like udders to get the liquid out--it is just like milking a cow!

Source for photos: Pacesetter Academy

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Practicing Milking a Cow
April 12, 2021
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