PreK Germ Painting Project

PreK Germ Painting Project

PreK Germ Painting Project

At Anacortes Lutheran Preschool, they did a fun project designed to educate the kid about germs! Germs are a complicated concept for little ones who don't always understand how these, "Invisible," things pose a risk to us and require we wash our hands and such. By doing this project, children can try and visualize bacteria and viruses in a fun and educational manner.

Materials needed for the germ painting project

To do this germ painting project you just need the following:

*Paint--acrylic or tempera


*Googly Eyes

*Print-out of mouth


*Your hands

How to do the germ painting project

Follow these steps to do the germ painting project:

1. Squirt a variety of paint colors onto your sheet of paper.

2. Take your hands and move/smear the paint all around.

3. Wait for the paint to dry.

4. Glue your googly eyes and print-out of a mouth wherever you want upon your creation.

5. You've made a neat-looking germ!

Source for photos: Anacortes Lutheran Preschool

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PreK Germ Painting Project
October 3, 2020
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