Preparing a Frog Craft for Passover

Preparing a Frog Craft for Passover

Preparing a Frog Craft for Passover

Passover is in a couple of months and you can look to the Jewish Federation Preschool for some great craft ideas! You can make, "Matzobread men," an imaginary plate for the foods eaten during Passover, and a cute frog for the plague of them. The frog is especially fun and easy to make!

Making a frog craft for Passover

To make a frog craft for Passover, you just need a paper plate, green plus black crayons/markers some tape, and red along with green construction paper. Then follow these steps:

1. Fold your paper plate over so it's like a mouth. Color the outside green.

2.Stick two pieces of tape atop the paper plate and color them in black.

3. Cut a small red rectangle out of the construction paper and four legs out of the green construction paper.

4. Use tape to connect a small rectangle of red construction paper to the inside of the mouth, this is the frog's tongue.

5. Use tape to connect the arms and legs to the paper plate's body.

6. Your frog that looks just like the kind in the plague is done!

Source for photos: Jewish Federation Preschool

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Preparing a Frog Craft for Passover
January 6, 2021
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