Christmas Door Decorating Contest for Preschool

At Forney Learning Academy they had a door decorating contest for the Christmas season! It was great fun with a wide range of impressive and creative decorations!

There was Mrs. Claus with hot coca and Santa Claus at the Reindeer barn opening the gate to let them out.

There also was a decoration themed for Who-ville from the famous book (and movies), “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Another decoration featured the students as elves trying to help Santa go down a chimney he was stuck in!

One of the decorations had the play-on-words of, “Take an Elfie,” and another door featured a Hippopatumus (just like the song about desiring one for Christmas) standing by a Christmas tree.

There was a door with reindeer tangled and lights and a door featuring a, “Fa La La La Llama,” which both were funny and smart.

There also was a door with decor reminding everyone to, “Be Merry,” as well.

There were so many incredible doors that looked amazing for this contest and clearly there are some creative students and teachers at Forney Learning Academy!

Forney Learning Academy

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Author: /Isabella Jones

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