Preschool Class

Ma Ngan Giang
Preschool Class

ust because your toddler isn't in elementary school yet, it doesn't mean their path to learning hasn't started. Encourage them to experiment with the concepts behind math, reading, science — even engineering and social studies — with these fun, at-home learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers, most of which can be done with items that you've pulled from around the house (which makes them easy to enjoy any time there's an unexpected rainy day and you need some fun indoor activities for the kids). Pretty soon, they'll be counting, reciting their letters, and sorting their toys by color or shape. After that. the world is theirs!

A word of caution though: Even though toddlers and preschoolers seem so big compared to the babies they once were, they still have no common sense at all, so any activity still has to be closely supervised. This is especially true for counting activities or projects that involve small pieces, which may present choking hazards, or anything involving water, which could be a drowning risk (even if it's just a small bucket of water). But with you guiding them through, they'll love these projects so much, the'll forget all about those buzzing, blinking toys in the toy bin.

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Preschool Class
December 21, 2021
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