Preschool Halloween Decorations

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Preschool Halloween Decorations

Preschool Halloween Decorations

At Brighten Academy Preschool in Clovis, California, they went all-out in their decorations for Halloween! The decorations both within the school itself and the decorations for the classes' doors were all very impressive. Give them a look. if you dare!

Brighten Academy Preschool

Clovis, California

Preschool Decorations

The decorations within the school itself were very impressive. The front office where visitors check-in was now full of spooky bats, the hallways had big scary trees, and the bulletin boards were covered in Halloween-imagery and characters!

The once-normal hallways of the school sure looked quite haunted!

Classroom Door Decorations

The preschool classes made a variety of door decorations that fit the theme of Halloween wonderfully.

Some were scary like a trapped-witch who wanted to capture children, and others were more fun and silly such as a door themed for the movie, "Hocus Pocus," as well as a door all about the fun song, "The Monster Mash." There were doors with bats, long-haired witches, and a mummy made-out of toilet paper too! In addition, everyone loved the door themed for the bride of Frankenstein as well as a door inspired by the book, "Creepy Carrots."

All of the classrooms did an amazing job with their detailed and creative door decorations--it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite when they are all so fantastic!

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Preschool Halloween Decorations
November 5, 2019
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