Preschool Journals Activity

Mrs. Tucker’s Kindergarten class does an activity called, “Journals,” every morning.

Students are given a sentence prompt that they copy from the board. At the start of the year, the teacher will need to read everything aloud. Then, as the year proceeds, the students start sounding-out the words on their own. Later on, students will be able to read and write their own full sentences. Over time it is really fun and encouraging to see students progress as writers when they look back on their journals month-by-month.

Mrs. Tucker’s Kindergarten Class

Journal Template

One way to help prompt students to do their journals is via having a poster template to serve as a prompt. You simply need to click upon the template picture and then you can print it once it loads at full-size. Then you can do this activity with your students by writing the prompt and working with students as they start doing their journal entry!


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