Preschool-Level Lion and Lamb Crafts Themed for March

There is a popular expression about how the month of March, “Comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” This is a metaphor about how the start of March is often full of rain and storms but by the end, it is nice, warm, and sunny.

At Little Ones’ Preschool in Lakeville, Indiana, they did crafts themed for lions and lambs with this in mind, and to tie-in with their learning about the bible story of Daniel and the lions.

Lion and Lamb Crafts

The class did an assortment of crafts focused on lions and lambs. For one they took two paper plates they glued together along with construction paper and pieces of yarn to create a lion! They used the yarn to make big manes and the construction paper for the rest of the face. They colored-in the lions with crayons too.

The other lion-based craft involved coloring a cut-out of a lion and then gluing macaroni onto the lion to serve as the mane.

The lamb-focused craft had students take a cut-out of a lamb, color it, and then glue torn-up pieces of cotton balls onto the lamb to simulate its fluffy wool!

The Pre-K 4’s and 5’s at Little Ones’ Preschool all had a lot of fun learning about Mach as well as real-life lions and lambs. The assortment of crafts everyone did was fantastic as well!

Little Ones’ Preschool
Lakeville, IN, United States

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