Bat-Themed Counting Worksheets for Preschool

Preschool Math Worksheets. Counting Worksheets for Preschool

These bat-themed worksheets are great for preschool students who are working on their math skills and counting. For each worksheet there is a bat which has a number on each wing and a blank spot in-between which is the missing number that the preschoolers need to figure out!

What Number Goes In-Between?

Each bat can be its own cut-out. Students take all the numbers at the bottom and use scissors to cut them out at which point they need to determine where they go within each bat. For example, there is a bat with a number 1 on a wing and a number 3 on the other wing. Therefore, students need to put the number 2 in the blank spot as it is the missing number.

Preschool Math Worksheets
Counting Worksheets for Preschool
Preschool Math Worksheets

These bat-themed counting worksheets can be done as a presentation to the preschool class where the teacher asks the students as a group which number goes in-between or done by students individually to work on reinforcing their counting skills.

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