Preschool Mud Day!

Kristine Lynette
Preschool Mud Day!

Celebrate International Mud Day Every Day.

The next International Mud Day isn't until June 29th,  but you don't have to wait that long to celebrate just how fun mud can be! At Parsons Family Child Care they loved when they had their own Mud Day and your preschoolers are sure to love it too!

How to Have Your Own Mud Day

On a really hot day you simply need to have an empty sandbox you can fill with dirt, sand, and clay. Once you've done that get it wet with lots of water until there is a bunch of mud. Put an assortment of toys such as scoopers, buckets, and other fun tools the students can use to enjoy playing with the mud. Just make sure that once everyone is done they wash-off and have a fresh change of clothes because the preschoolers are sure to be messy after having a great time celebrating their own Mud Day!

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Preschool Mud Day!
August 31, 2019
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