Preschool Teacher

Wendy A Hanson
Preschool Teacher

Sensory Cube I made in my class Infant & Toddler. I work as a preschool at this moment due to COVID-19 and having a daughter in grade school. I was lead teacher before March of last year. I am teacher certified and I take a class related to my field every semester. This spring I skipped doing a class due to online learning. I will be going back this fall no matter what. I am married with 3 children a 25 year old with Autism, a 22 year old and a 10 year old. I love my life and I am always looking for new pintables to add to my every growing collection. I love my job and have formed family friendships with some of my co-workers. I am hoping one things go back to somewhat normal to go back working full-time again. Until then I am enjoying my time at home with my daughter and using the part-time status as a way of relaxing and getting caught up with everything I need to do around the house.

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Preschool Teacher
January 15, 2021
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