Preschool Teaching

Hazel L Matautia
Preschool Teaching

Hello Teachers

I am here to get worksheet for my class. My theme is about farm animals. I am hoping tp get alot of ideas to help build my student learning abilities. I been teaching for 8 years. I had learned alot of ways to teach preschoolers. Right now as a Teacher one of the many issues we faced as Teachers is lack of resources. We hardly have printers and paper supply to print our class worksheet. Not only that lack of toys to help build tge student cognitive. So right now I mostly rely on my paycheck to help pay for my students activity. Eversince our Island got hit with the covid 19 we are faced with many challenges.

Right now, we dont have class due to covid pandemic. So add to that we dont have trainings online. We just started getting situated with the fact that our practice lacks trainings for remote learning. We lack not only trainings regarding remote learning but parents also dont have lots of access online. So we are trying our very best accomodate all famillies to meet the criteria that DOE or Department of Education needs. But lesson and learning to do all these demands are part of learning as a Teachers.

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Preschool Teaching
May 9, 2022
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