Pretend Fall Firepit For Kids

Pretend Fall Firepit For Kids

Pretend Fall Firepit For Kids

Putting kids by a real fire can be dangerous, but making a pretend firepit can be immensely fun! That is exactly what they did at Kidworks USA Pre-School where an imaginary outdoor firepit was brought indoors! There were bales of hay stacked-up, pumpkins, scarecrows, and of course the firepit right in the middle for all the kids to enjoy the, "Flames," of which were created out of crepe paper.

Using imaginations for the firepit

The children all had fun engaging in using their imaginations for the firepit. They could pretend to warm-up by the fire, do dramatic play like toasting imagined marshmallows, and otherwise got to enjoy the great outdoors while inside! The kids all said how fun it was!

Source for photos: Kidswords USA Pre-School

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Pretend Fall Firepit For Kids
November 5, 2020
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