Pretend Surgery Activity for Kids to Learn About Hygiene

At Dulaney Day School they learned about how surgeons operate on people and pretended to do surgery on a stuffed bear as well! One big element of this fun pretend surgery activity was learning about how important it is to wash our hands–surgeons wash their hands before every operation thoroughly!

How to do the pretend surgery activity

To do this activity follow these steps:

  1. First, talk about how surgeons need to be extra careful and clean when they do surgery to prevent germs from making the patient sick.
  2. Next, have everyone, “Prepare for surgery,” by washing their hands thoroughly. Talk about how you should wash your hands long enough to be able to sing a song like, “Happy Birthday,” at least twice.
  3. Now have the students put on their safety gear such as gloves, caps, and operating outfits–discuss how these keep germs out too.
  4. Now let the students pretend to do surgery on their stuffed animal!

Source for photos: Dulaney Day School

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