Primitive Trees Christmas Craft

.Sophia Williams
Primitive Trees Christmas Craft

Primitive Trees Christmas Craft

Over at St. Mark School in Stratford, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The students loved doing their primitive trees Christmas craft and it got everyone in the holiday spirit!

How The Craft Was Made

Students made this craft by taking a big fencepost and various pieces of green wood that differed in size.

They then worked to organize the green wooden pieces upon the fencepost so that in their stack it looked like a primitive Christmas tree! Upon getting their tree's design how they liked the students proceeded to glue everything into place (a hot glue gun is recommended).

After the tree was assembled everyone took white paint and used it to write messages of Christmas cheer such as, "Peace on Earth," "Peace, Hope, Joy," and, "Hope, Joy, Love," among other heartwarming sentiments.

It was a delightful craft and the students were excited to display their trees at home!

St. Mark School, Stratford

Primitive Trees Christmas Craft
December 2, 2019
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